The Law Offices of Michael J. Alber P.C.


Michael J. Alber
Managing Attorney

Education: 2004 Summa cum laude graduate of Hofstra University, 2007 graduate of Hofstra Law School
Concentration: Personal Injury/Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Matrimonial/Family Law, Real Estate


Michael Alber is the founding member of Law Offices of Michael J. Alber. As a former Assistant District Attorney for Nassau County, Mr. Alber has acquired a unique set of litigation skills, which allows him to achieve success in the civil and criminal courts. While working for the Honorable Kathleen M. Rice, as an Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Alber handled misdemeanor and felony cases. During his tenure at the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Alber worked on Homicide investigations, Rape investigations, Robbery cases, Serious Assaults, and Economic Crimes. While at the District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Alber handled criminal cases from the initial arrest, including drafting warrants, through grand jury, hearings, and trial.

After 3 years at the District Attorney’s Office, Michael Alber joined the firm of Dergarabedian, Dillon, Nathan, and Coluccio. While at Dergarabedian, Dillon, Nathan, and Coluccio, Mr. Alber developed the reputation for being an aggressive litigator, while maintaining a level of patience and professionalism unrivaled. Many describe Mr. Alber as thorough, prepared, fearless, and always available to answer his client’s questions. In January of 2013, Michael opened his own firm with an outlook on building a comprehensive law practice. Mr. Alber has built a legal team concentrating in Personal Injury/Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Matrimonial/Family Law, and Real Estate. Together with Of Counsel attorneys, Ronald T. Alber, Jr., a former associate of Prominent Manhattan Law Firm, Sidley Austin, and Jessica Tirino, a former Assistant District Attorney, and devoted Matrimonial/Real Estate/and Criminal Lawyer, Mr. Alber has created a team of lawyers that can answer a wide range of criminal and civil litigation questions posed by clients of the firm. Mr. Alber has personally dealt with cases involving grave consequences for his clients. Michael has a certain portion of his practice devoted to receiving trial ready cases from other firms. He is often sought after to litigate cases through to trial. He has represented lawyers, doctors, teachers, and a wide range of professionals who have had their personal licensing at stake. On numerous occasions he has had crucial evidence in cases suppressed because of his command of the law, attention to detail, and ability to cross-examine crucial prosecution witnesses to uncover procedural missteps and gaps in evidence. Mr. Alber has frequently dealt with cases publicized by the media, along with cases where the stakes were extremely high.

In the area of matrimonial and family law, Mr. Alber brings a practical sense toward what often times can be stressful situations involving many complex family dynamics. Because of his background and most specifically his range of experience, Mr. Alber is uniquely equipped in assessing the merits of claims in various aspects of matrimonial and family law, from child custody issues to equitable distribution and support issues including post-judgment matrimonial matters. By taking a practical approach, with an idea toward reducing costs of matrimonial and family court litigation, Mr. Alber moves to resolve cases swiftly without compromising results. While taking a practical approach, he nonetheless recognizes some cases just have to go to trial. Over his tenure in the practice of law both as an Assistant District Attorney and in the private sector he has cross-examined a wide range of witnesses making him uniquely qualified to try the most difficult cases. Specifically in the family courts Michael continues to try cases and advocate aggressively for his clients. He has successfully argued against DNA results in child paternity cases. He has tried complicated neglect cases to verdict, and takes on the most difficult custody cases. He has litigated cases published in the NY Law Journal, and is actively involved with cutting edge concepts in uncommon areas of law like Grandparent Custody/Visitation.

In the area of criminal law, Mr. Alber continues to take cases that seem unwinnable and get acquittals. His thoroughness and attention to detail has been praised in open court from members of the bench. From complicated DWI cases with scientific evidence to penal law crimes with forensics and eye witness testimony, Mr. Alber has displayed an ability to breakdown cases and highlight procedural errors and expose what might appear at first glance to be strong government cases, when in reality the cases are rifled with doubt. Michael has successfully made motions to preclude DNA evidence in cases involving life imprisonment, has achieved suppression of physical evidence after litigating procedural issues involving a violation of constitutional rights, has won numerous preclusion motions, and has had criminal cases outright dismissed. Mr. Alber is devoted to attacking procedural issues in cases, analyzing and exposing gaps in investigations, and making factual and legal arguments, which spin on the most detailed view of the law. Michael has been retained to represent clients in federal court and out of the state of New York.

Mr. Alber invites all of his prospective clients to watch him at an upcoming hearing or trial. At the start of a hearing or a trial or during the cross-examination of a crucial witness it soon becomes apparent what makes him special.

Some of Michael’s representative cases include:

Criminal Matters

(1) Murder (2) Attempted Murder of a Police Officer (3) Attempted Murder (4) Theft involving thousands of dollars (4) Undercover operations for drug and gun sales (5) Enterprise Corruption/Rico (6) Driving While Intoxicated/Impaired by Drugs (5) Assaults involving serious physical injury (6) Allegations of Rape, Sodomy, and Sexual Misconduct (6) Credit Card Fraud/Insurance Fraud/Wire Fraud/Mail Fraud (7) National Security Interest

Civil Matters

(1) All aspects of Matrimonial and Family Court Matters (2) Intellectual Property involving commercial contract litigation (3) Article 78 proceedings (4) Defamation/Abuse of Process claims (5) Representation of Plaintiffs who have been seriously injured, and more generally injured in car accident cases and slip and fall incidents.


Mr. Alber is a member in good standing of the Nassau County Bar Association, the Suffolk County Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers, and the American Bar Association. He is admitted to practice in the state courts of New York, as well as Federal Courts including the Southern District of New York and the Eastern District of New York. He holds both National and Advanced National Coaching Diplomas for soccer.