Child Custody

Legal Representation in Child Custody Issues in New York

Few Family Law matters have more at stake than those involving child custody. The outcome of a custody dispute can have a significant impact on the parents, the child, and the child’s future. At The Law Offices of Michael J. Alber, we provide representation in custody cases, and we understand how important it is for parents to have the ability to maintain a strong bond with their children. If you are trying to resolve a custody dispute with your former spouse, contact our offices right away at 631-462-6900 . We are here to work with your former spouse’s attorney in an effort to secure a favorable outcome to your case. If the opposition is being unreasonable and not willing to negotiate fair visitation rights of the children, we will fight aggressively on your behalf to protect the best interests of your child.

In addition to child custody matters, we can also provide you with representation in other types of custody cases, including:

– Enforcement of visitation agreements
– Modifications of parenting plans
– Modifications of visitation
– Enforcement of visitation rights on behalf of grandparents

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael J. Alber and our support staff are available to provide you with the professional representation you need in your custody case.

Joint Child Custody

It is often assumed that family courts will impose joint custody on both parents. This is not actually the case. Joint custody is an agreement made between the parents themselves. In such an arrangement, the two parents agree on issues related to their child’s upbringing, including the child’s health care, education, and religious beliefs. New York family courts will not enforce or impose joint custody on parties that are hostile towards each other.

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