Child Support

What You Need to Know:

The law requires each parent of a child to financially care for that child even if one parent is no longer living with that child or the parents are divorced. During a divorce or a legal separation, the issue of child support must be finalized. If you are not planning to obtain a divorce but no longer wish to live as a couple, it is wise to protect your rights with a legal separation.  Our firm will help you obtain a legal separation that will clearly establish child support obligations for you and your spouse. If you are seeking a divorce and that divorce entails no disputes regarding this matter and the non-custodial parent is willing to pay per the guidelines of the law, you may proceed with your uncontested divorce. Even in this case, one of our qualified attorneys can provide valuable guidance regarding what is required by law of each spouse and make sure any agreement is compliance with the current state of the law.

If your ex-spouse fails to pay support as required, one of our attorney can assist with a child support enforcement action and will make sure that you obtain the support that you are legally entitled to. Under the law, the custodial parent has a right to support, regardless of the status of child custody or visitation issues. If circumstances change in your life or your former spouse’s life, such as a material increase or decrease in income, you may petition for a modification of support.

Child Support & Your Rights:

At The Law Offices of Michael J. Alber we firmly believe that having open communication with your ex-spouse’s attorney can and will achieve the optimum resolution to your legal issue. However, when the other attorney and/or your ex-spouse is unwilling to reach a reasonable conclusion, however, we are always ready to take aggressive action on our client’s behalf.  We offer top representation at reasonable rates and are willing to work with our client’s so that they are fully satisfied.  We care about helping you and we want to pursue the outcome you want and more importantly deserve.

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