If you have made the difficult decision to officially end your marriage then you will need the skillful and experienced legal services of The Law Offices of Michael J. Alber. Our team of attorneys have the skills and knowledge in all areas of matrimonial law. Our experience and prior cases in the area of divorce have led us to receive favorable outcomes for our clients. Our goal for our clients is to make this transition in your life as smooth and as stress-free as we can make it for you.

In today’s current society, divorce, unfortunately, is no longer an uncommon fate for many couples that marry. Since a divorce is a big step in one’s life and a transition that is not easy, it is imperative that your legal counsel has the highest standards of professionalism and care for their clientele that is expected when attending to matters of this nature. You will need legal representation that has your best interests in mind and has the familiarity of handling these types of cases.

Several factors will need to be determined as you file for divorce, including the division of assets, the establishment of spousal support, and the delegation of child custody. These are matters of high importance that deserve nothing less than the best legal representation available. That is why you need a hands on law firm that will guide you through this process and will make sure that you are able to obtain the outcome that you desire.

Our firm handles all matter in Family Court, including:

– Uncontested Divorce
– Divorce
– High Net-Worth Divorce
– Complicated Equitable Distribution Cases

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