Order of Protection

Do you need an Order of Protection:

Also known as a restraining order, an order of protection is an order from a judge to protect a person from a wide range of violations, including assault, abuse, intimidation, harassment, endangering the welfare of a child, and criminal mischief. Not every situation involves domestic violence.  Orders of protection cannot be issued for everyone.

An experienced and knowledgeable law firm can help you obtain an order of protection if you have been the victim of domestic violence. You should not have to suffer from this abuse and injury any longer and The Law Offices of Michael J. Alber will fight and do whatever is needed to help protect you. By taking the legal recourse offered by New York courts, you can finally experience relief. A lawyer from our firm can help ensure that you properly apply for an order of protection and more importantly, that the order of protection be followed. The person you bring the order against may try to contest this. By having one of our experienced attorneys by your side, we can fight for the order of protection not to be lifted for any reason.

Defending yourself against an Order of Protection:

Many times an Order of Protection is brought against a spouse or a parent based on lies and deceit.  The Law Offices of Michael J. Alber and our experienced staff will do everything in our power to defend you against an order of protection.

An order of protection is supposed to be used to protect a person from being abused, however, many individuals use an order of protection as a tactic and strategy to gain certain privileges such as sole custody of the children or sole custody of the family home.  We will fight for you so that you do not become a victim of this deceit.

Our lawyers understand that an order of protection case is a sensitive matter and whether you are the victim of an unsafe living environment or your former spouse is using this legal path as a strategic tactic we will stay by your side and fight for you.

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