Not Guilty – On All 18 Counts

People of the State of New York v. LH, the jury delivered a not guilty verdict on all 18 counts, which included charges of Rape in the first Degree, Sex Abuse First Degree, and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.  Our client a decorated teacher in the Uniondale School District was accused of molesting his step-daughter over multiple dates of incident.  We are thrilled that the jury saw it our way, and this innocent man was not convicted.  Outright innocence cases are perhaps some of the most difficult cases to deal with in the justice system.  At the trial, despite case law recommending that in these cases the Defense call an expert to dispute medical findings, we did not call an expert.  We are thankful to the doctors we consulted with before and during the trial, who empowered us to vigorously cross-examine the Government’s doctor at the trial.  Before the trial, over the Government’s objection we were able to get videotape of the alleged crime scene to help establish the impractical nature of the complainant’s allegations.  While our client faces further legal battles resulting from the frivolous and outlandish allegations, we are thankful for the recent verdict, and optimistic about repairing the damage done to him with the allegations that were lodged against him.  The above captioned matter was tried by Michael Alber and Stephanie Tanzi.

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